Fairfax Limousine Restaurants

When you are with San Francisco Limousine in Fairfax and craving Italian food, Fradelizio's Ristorante is the spot that we'd point you to, time after time. They are known for their delectable grass-fed beef, and we think that makes all the difference in all of the dishes that it's highlighted in. The breads and salads are absolutely top notch here, and we go crazy over each and every one of their homemade sauces. It's tough to choose which one to have on your pasta, they're so good! There's a great array of steaks and a nice selection of wine, and truly memorable ambiance as well. Find this one at 35 Broadway Boulevard. You will adore it!

The Sleeping Lady is a prime breakfast spot in the Fairfax area, and San Francisco Limousine customers are requesting it on a really regular basis! It's not limited to just breakfast though, so make sure you check them out for lunch and dinner too. Everything is locally sourced and we think you'll really be impressed. The eggs benedict is probably our favorite thing to have here, but you can trust us when we say that everything is delicious and memorable. If you're lucky enough to be there on the weekend, you will certainly enjoy the live music, including jazz and rock! Irish too! Located at 24 Broadway Boulevard.

Cafe Lotus is a haven of Indian deliciousness, and if you find yourself craving those curry and cardamom dishes that no one can ever get enough of, we cannot think of a more perfect choice for you. This organic and vegetarian restaurant has been proudly serving the Fairfax area for quite a few years now, and we're hoping that they keep going strong for decades to come. The tikka masalas are our favorite dishes here. Everything is just exquisite, packed with the right amount of spices and veggies, and overflowing with warmth and comfort. A really great waitstaff awaits you too! A San Francisco Limousine fave on Sir Francis Drake Blvd between Taylor and Claus!

Why not give Iron Springs Pub & Brewery a try when you're in the Fairfax area with San Francisco Limousine next time? We happen to think that this is one of the most comforting and relaxing places on the map, and it's hard to imagine finding a better place to have those casual celebrations with friends and those intimate conversations that can only be had over a beer or two! The homemade beers will blow your mind, and when you pair them with a hamburger or some of their yummy bar fare choices, you'll really have the all-around experience right in front of you! You can find this one at 765 Center Boulevard. Highly recommended!

Sorella Cafe is always a smart one, and when you're in the Fairfax area with San Francisco Limousine, you will definitely want to stop in. You and your limousine friends will be so glad that you did. The parmesan cheese wheel is the greatest starter in the world, and once you start diving into their yummy bread and olives, you'll really be ready for an amazing meal. The crab cippaino and pollo picante are our two absolute favorites on the menu. In terms of entertainment, you will enjoy classy and impressive piano music! How elegant and wonderful, just a great addition to your evening. Find this one on Bolinas Road between Sherman and Bridge Court.

Fairfax Zip Codes Include: 94930, 94978

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