Inverness Park Limousine Restaurants

The place that San Francisco Limousine would give its top recommendation to in the Inverness Park area would have to be Manka's Inverness Lodge & Restaurant. This is a real lodge where you can book a room if you like, but you're more than welcome to enjoy the restaurant without having to do so. The menu is packed with yummy selections that are firmly in the game meats category, and if that's what you enjoy the most, then you will really be at home here. The service is superb and you simply cannot beat the woodsy and rustic atmosphere. You'll be able to find this excellent place at 30 Callendar Way. Do not miss it.

Looking for a cozy coffee shop and diner in the Inverness Park area for your San Francisco Limousine trip? Pine Cone Diner is the one that we'd like to tell you about. This is the kind of spot where you can guzzle delicious coffee, of course, but there's much more than just that to enjoy. The breakfast choices are what we love the most, but you'll also find nice lunch items too, including sandwiches that are absolutely amazing. Just mouth-wateringly good. If you are there for breakfast, try the breakfast sandwiches, the biscuits, and of course the hash browns! We love them all and we think you will too. Find this one at 60 4th Street.

An interesting and unique place to stop when you're in the Inverness Park area with San Francisco Limousine is Cowgirl Creamery a gourmet cheese store where you can pick up some truly delectable snacks to enjoy in the limo or to take home with you! You can always keep your purchases in our built-in cooler to keep them fresh. The free samples are the place to start, and we suggest beginning with the Point Reyes bleu cheese. You'll be hooked. The wine selection is really impressive too. The deli counter has got you covered if you're there for lunch, and don't forget to try some oysters too! Find this one conveniently at 80 4th Street.

For a really fresh, trendy, and eclectic dining experience in the Inverness Park area when with San Francisco Limousine, try Station House Cafe. The organic produce, range-fed meets, and locally-sourced fish will really impress your brain and please your tastebuds! You'll be surprised at the array of food that they offer here, from bar fare favorites to more upscale choices including fresh soups and breads. Everything is crafted and prepared with the utmost attention to detail and quality, and that mindset extends to the decor and the service as well. They have truly outdone themselves. Find this rare gem at 11180 California 1.

If Italian food and wine sounds like a plan for your Inverness Park San Francisco Limousine trip, Osteria Stellina ought to be your first choice. This is an Italian restaurant and wine bar that offers an incredible smattering of organic entrees paired with the very best wine around. We'd recommend digging into some delicious pizza or pasta while you're there, with a beautiful glass of red at your side. We can't recommend a favorite item here because we love each and every thing that we have tried. Charming, comforting, and impressive, they get it right on all counts here. A real winner. Find it at 11285 Highway 1 and enjoy!

Inverness Park Zip Codes Include: 94956

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